*Global Regenerative Finance is a subsidiary of the Global Regenerative Group. 
Global Regenerative Group is a fast growing company, communicating with specialists and clinics around the world, with the primary purpose of delivering innovative medical care to the patient. Other subsidiaries of Global Regenerative Group include Global Regenerative Academy, Care and Trade.

A private investment and business development company. GRF sets apart itself by identifying unique investment opportunities. Our main function is to create, facilitate and manage these distinctive opportunities at the highest level of productivity worldwide.


To be the preferred platform of growth investment worldwide by connecting the right resources to businesses with high potential.

GLOBAL REGENERATIVE FINANCE is the ideal partner for businesses seeking liquidity, growth capital or recapitalization.


GRF implements the following strategies in working to achieve its investment objective:



Global Regenerative Finance offers a complementary range of services to fit your precise requirements. We have the experience and flexibility to create a successful portfolio for our investors. We believe in capital efficiency – the right amount of money with the right timing.
GR Finance is new global online platform for founding, operating, and investing in scalable, cutting-edge medical companies. It also offers investors the opportunity to earn an equity position in new and exciting ventures.

Global Regenerative Finance is offering to its future investors new cutting-edge projects and the possibility to invest in a different way. We are offering:


*GR Finance is not only looking for investors; we are also looking for new projects.
Global Regenerative Finance is able to act as product distributor worldwide which gives your start up the possibility to be a worldwide known company and attract investors.
There is a rolling application process, where at any time you can fill out and send your project for review. Every week selected projects will be invited for a first round of interviews. By collaborating with Global Regenerative Finance, startups can engage a senior leader who will catalyze a business and accelerate brand building.

Becoming an angel investor in GRF

As a starting point, you need to be an accredited investor as defined by the SEC. That means net worth exclusive of your residence of $1M or annual income of $200k (single) or $300k (joint with spouse). In exchange of the investment, the angel investor receives  convertible debt or ownership equity from one of the projects of Global Regenerative Finance.

Pre-IPO investment in one of the start ups company of GRF

Pre-IPO placement is a way to raise money before going public. It also is a way to offset the risk that the IPO price will prove to be optimistic and the price will not go up immediately after it opens.


1. You get in on the ground level usually only reserved for institutional investors and people with high-reaching connections.

2. The NASDAQ is the # 1 I.P.O Market in the World.

3. Many Pre IPO shares realize 30-50% profit on the 1st day of trading.

4. Pre IPO’s give the private investor a huge advantage over the public which does not have access to these shares.


Global Regenerative Finance is one of the newest crowdfund platforms for investing in the New cutting-edge medical technologies. The Crowdfunding works through individuals or organizations who invest in (or donate to) crowdfunding projects in return for a potential profit or reward.

The Benefits of the Global Regenerative Finance Crowdfunding:

• It’s more efficient than traditional fundraising.

• It’s a place to build traction, social, proof, and validation.

• It’s an opportunity for crowdsourced brainstorming to refine your idea.

• It gains you early adopters and loyal advocates.

• It doubles as marketing and media exposure.


Global Regenerative Finance is offering investing in bonds for some of our projects. One advantage of putting bonds in your portfolio is that they’re a relatively safe investment. Bond values don’t tend to fluctuate as much as stock prices, so they’re less likely to keep you up at night worrying. Another benefit of bonds is that they offer a predictable income stream. Because bonds pay a fixed amount of interest twice a year, you can generally rely on that money to come in as expected.


Global Regenerative Finance is offering two types of stocks- common stock and preferred stock. In general parlance, they are called equity shares and preference shares. Both the stocks provide ownership to the holder of these stocks but with a difference.

• In preferred stocks, as the name suggests some preference is given to the holder of these stocks like they are generally paid a fixed dividend over and above the common stockholders provided the company has made enough profits but they do not have any voting rights i.e. they cannot participate in decision making of the company. They are also given preference while returning back money in case the company is liquidated.

• At the same time, common stockholders are the ones who take the maximum risk, as they are paid off at the end, but they have the privilege of voting rights i.e. they participate in the decision making of the company. Also, they have right over the entire residual profits of the company.


Global Regenerative Finance platform is also offering the possibility of purchasing EQUITY. This is the value of a business after all the liabilities are paid off. It is also termed as a net worth of the entity. Equity can be calculated from the Balance Sheet of an entity by using either of the following formulae:

Equity = Total Assets – Outside Liabilities,

Where outside liabilities includes all long term and short term debts

Or, Equity = Equity Share Capital +Reserve & Surplus